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What is Championsbet Poker?

This is the most valuable hand in all of poker. A Royal Flush is composed of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, all of the same suit. It's the toughest hand to get.

Do I need to be a Championsbet customer?

Yes, you must be a signed up member of Championsbet

How do I start playing?

As a Championsbet customer you just need to download the poker software and sign up with your poker nickname. Once you have downloaded the software it is possible to enter the Lobby and even to watch real games before signing up, also you can play directly from the website ,only need java software to run it.

Are there rules about nicknames?

You can choose whatever nickname you like as long as it is unique and not obscene or offensive.

Do I need to keep the install file once the software is installed?

No, it can be deleted. Further software upgrades are done automatically.

Do I need to upgrade with the latest Java like with the Casino?

No, the Championsbet Poker client will update itself automatically whenever needed.

Can I play for both real and fun money?

Yes, you have the option to play for real money or just for fun. To play for fun visit our FunMoney tables. These are clearly identified as the Table Name starts 'FunMoney'.

How can I put funds into my poker player account?

First, you have to have funds in your regular Championsbet account. Then go to Poker on and transfer from your Championbet Account to your Championsbet Poker Account.

What games can I play?

You can play 8 different games at Championsbet Poker Tables. These are: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, Soko, 7-card stud, 7-card stud High/Low, 5-card draw and 2-7 triple draw.

Where can I get information about the rules and how the games are played?

We recommend that all our players visit the Championsbet Poker School. Here you will find the rules, an introduction to the game Texas Hold'em and some tactical tips on how the game is played. Even experienced players should find information of interest. For all other games there are Rules on the Championsbet site.

How do I join a game?

In the Lobby you can view all the tables for all 8 games. If you highlight a table you can see who is playing and how many chips all the players have. From here you can go to the table you desire, either by double-clicking on the table or by highlighting it and press the Go To button. To join the game you simply click on an empty seat and buy chips. If all seats are full you can add your Player ID to the Waiting List.

How does a new game start?

As soon as 2 active players (anyone who is shown as "away" is considered inactive) are seated at the table the game will start in 30 seconds.

Can I change seats in a poker game?

No, the only way to do this is to first leave the table and then come back. You will then be treated as new player and if there are players on the Waiting List you may not be able to join the game again immediately.

Can I review old hands that have been played?

Yes, you can request the hand history from specific pots or your last several hands. You can request the desired hands by entering My Poker Account and clicking on Hand History on the Championsbet website.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password, and most other personal details, anytime by contacting our Customer Service.

Can I play at more than one table at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to play at different tables at the same time (however, the software is rather demanding on your computer so it may not work for everyone). When it is time to act at a table, the table wills "pop-up" in front of the other table. Playing at two tables is only recommended to experienced players and you must make sure that you are not slowing down the games for the other players.

What rake will you charge at the real money tables?

Our FunMoney games are all free of charge. If you play for real money a small charge, which is called rake, is taken from the pot. Only pots where a flop is dealt in Texas or Omaha, a third card is dealt in Soko, a fourth card is dealt in 7-stud or a draw is made in 5-Draw and 2-7 Triple Draw are raked. Only players who are dealt cards (active players) are counted as being seated.

No Limit, Pot Limit and ½Pot Limit

€ 0.05 per € 1.00 and capped at € 0.75 for 2 players, € 2.00 for 3 players and € 3.00 for 4-10 players. Pots smaller than € 4.00 will have a rake of € 0.01 per € 0.20.

Fixed Limit and Spread Limit (€0.02/€0.04 to €0.50/€1.00)

€ 0.05 per € 1.00 and capped at € 0.75 for 2-3 players and € 1.00 for 4-10 players. Pots smaller than € 2.00 will have a rake of € 0.01 per € 0.20.

Fixed Limit and Spread Limit (€1.00/€2.00)

€ 0.25 per € 5.00 and capped at € 0.75 for 2-3 players and € 2.00 for 4-10 players.

Fixed Limit and Spread Limit (€2.00/€4.00 and up)

€ 0.50 per € 10.00 and capped at € 0.75 for 2-3 players and € 2.00 for 4-10 players.

What about integrity?

Championsbet Poker's top priority is to create an environment that all our players can totally trust. We do everything to make sure that our games are fair and honest. Championsbet Poker is not participating in any poker games, we are only providing the venue for your game.

What happens if I get disconnected while playing?

If you get disconnected during play the software will attempt to reconnect you automatically and return you back to your seat. Since you sometimes may have connection problems with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) we recommend our players to have an alternative ISP in case of a connection problem.
If you do not act when it is your turn while still in the pot you will be marked away thus check if possible and fold to any bet.
In the unfortunate event in which you can not act due to a disconnection you might get treated as "Artificial all-in", which means that you will be marked as all-in as if you have run out of chips when you placed your last bet/called and thus only be eligible for the pot up to the point when you last invested money. Please note that "Artificial all-ins" only can occur in Fixed Limit ring games and not in any other betting types (Pot Limit, No Limit etc) or in tournaments.

Suddenly I cannot act at a table, what's wrong?

Most likely you haven't answered a dialogue box and the table has popped up in front of it. To be able to act you need to minimize the table, answer the question and then open the table again.

What happens if a server stops working in the middle of a hand?

If a server stops working, then all hands in play will be cancelled. The players’ chips will be returned to the respective poker account as soon as the server is restarted. The last hand will be cancelled if it has not been approved by the database. This can also be seen in the hand history on the bottom line as "This hand did not end. This hand has been cancelled". In tournaments, the game will be frozen and restarted automatically after a few minutes. If the tournament can not be restarted, the remaining players will equally share the pot irrespective of the amount of chips they had at the time.

Can I run the Poker Application on my Macintosh?

If you use a Macintosh system or Linux, you can use the site to play the online you will find the homepage of Championsbet .